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during the dog days of summer as others head to the beach? >> power players, in a huge switch the u.s. is a refiner to the world and a hand full of companies are helping lead the charge. >>> shopping spree, we all like the idea of buying american products but finding them is a different story. so we hit the mall to see for ourselves in our special series made in america. we have all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for wednesday, august 7th. >>> good evening everyone and welcome. call it the summer stumble. it doesn't qualify as a swoon or full fledged sale off yet but u.s. stocks fell dropping like dominos. japan notably declined 4% as the yen rose against the dollar. here in the u.s. investors seemed unsettled by reoccurring fed chatter thinking the u.s. may scale back stimulus in september maybe not. if not, maybe the end of the year. either way, investors didn't like it. the dow dropped 48 points and the nasdaq to 3654 and the s&p 500 closed at 1690 and change. >>> since 1987, august is the worst month for stocks, so what should investors do? joining us with his
. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their it worked hard to understand the industry you are operate in. key provide capital for strategic decisions. we offer tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? and now, "bbc world news america." president obama announced his government surveillance program and assesses this deteriorating relationship with russia. >> we're doing things that are good for the united states and hopefully good for russia as well. but recognizing there are going to be some differences. we will not be able to completely disguise them. >> hiding in plain sight. this sicilian mafia boss was living in italy for decades. italy wants him back to serve his time. it is summer. it must be time for that vacation souvenir. we will trace how the trinkets have become big business. onwelcome to our viewers public television in america and around the globe. today president obama held a wide ranging press conference at the white house on the eve of leaving for his summer vacation. on the agenda was announcing new oversight and transparenc
at kavanagh road. us?h, what can you tell >> the woman injured is the victim's daughter. her name is shannon nicklas dishes expected survive -- is expected to survive. the victim is terri ann burnham cool shot multiple times by her husband -- who shot her multiple times. when shannon nicklas came down, terri ann burnham had been shot. when police arrived, it was unclear who was still inside. determinere able to that man shot another person in the basement of the house and officers continued to make contact with somebody inside of the house and were never able to make contact. it was a barricade situation. >> there was another man who was living inside the house who police said it was living in the basement and appeared he slept thing. therentire had been an ongoing domestic situation between the husband and the wife. reporting live. >> thank you. police in baltimore city are investigating a deadly shooting it 10:30 p.m. friday night. officers found a 21-year-old man who had been shot in the head and he was taken to an. hospital -- and aread hospital where he died. trying to track down a woma
acts. >> ifill: tempers often flare as the temperature outside rises. could climate change be making us more violent? ray suarez dives into the details of a new study. >> brown: and a powerful drama based on the true story of one man's last day, before being fatally shot on an oakland subway. we sit down with the director of "fruitvale station". >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> supported by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: president obama has called off next month's planned meeting with russian president putin. that announcement today underscored the damage done by the dispute over edward snowden. for the record, the statement-- posted on the white house web
enforcement reason. >> woodruff: today, in san francisco, the u.s. attorney general said that number must come down. eric holder addressed the american bar association's annual meeting. >> although incarceration has a significant role to play in our justice system-- widespread incarceration at the federal, state, and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable. it imposes a significant economic burden-- totaling $80 billion in 2010 alone-- and it comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate. as a nation, we are coldly efficient in our incarceration efforts. with an outsized, unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate, not merely to warehouse and forget. >> woodruff: one step toward a solution, according to holder: scale back mandatory minimum sentences for low-level, non- violent drug offenses. there are almost 220,000 prisoners in federal penitentiaries, now: 40% over capacity. nearly half those inmates are serving time for drug-related crimes. holder plans to tell federal prosecutors to ch
threatening san francisco's power supply. >>> searching for a serious strategy. with u.s. warships on alert in the mediterranean, the. loo president looks for options after doctors inside syria reveal thousands were treated for symptoms of a chemical attack. >>> a manhunt is under way for the teen who allegedly killed a beloved world war ii veteran. >>> marching again, hundreds of thousands rally for jobs and justice today in washington, just as they did 50 years ago to hear dr. king's historic "i have a dream" address. >>> and a mayor's mission to revitalize gary, indiana, a town that has long been down on its luck, now signs of hope and healing are everywhere. >>> good evening. that huge wildfire burning in central california is growing virtually unchecked tonight as its impact is being felt more than 100 miles away, far from the fire fight, the city of san francisco is under a state of emergency tonight because its water supply and hydroelectric power come from a reservoir near the fire zone. 2,700 firefighters are now on the lines backed by a relentless air assault, but working again to
challenging moments of diplomacy, the u.s. and russia held high-level meetings in washington. margaret warner recaps today's talks. >> brown: four out of ten street lights don't work and it takes an hour on average for detroit police to respond to 9-1-1 calls. hari sreenivasan looks at the motor city's battle amid bankruptcy. >> detroiters are so used to bad news, and they are so used to things not really breaking our way, and they're used to getting up the next morning and going, "well, i can't stop, i've got to keep going, i've got to keep trying." >> woodruff: david brooks and ruth marcus analyze the week's news. >> brown: and yes, those are goats in that graveyard. more than a hundred of them. kwame holman tells us what they're doing in this historic washington, d.c., cemetery. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >>
are limiting the requirement to retreat. use deadly force. >> 16 states currently have stand your ground law on the books. in maryland, individuals have a duty to retreat before considering and using deadly force. that could change of baltimore county republican delegate patrick madonna has his way. >> we are introducing legislation to create a stand your ground law in maryland, the strongest form of protection for crime victims and potential crime victims. >> it provides an exemption to the duty to retreat. stand your ground states have exemptions as well. kansas, this defense cannot be used during the commission of a crime. in north carolina, it cannot be used in circumstances that involve law enforcement or landlord disputes. >> when you have duty to retreat, a victim can be subject to a civil lawsuit or from a prosecution. >> a law signed by martin o'malley in 2010 provide civil immunity from damages when force or deadly force is used under reasonable circumstances. according to an analysis by the 10th of a times, florida's stand your ground law has allowed drug dealers to avoid murder c
>> he was flop with drunk driving charges. david collins joins us live with the latest. >> there is strong reactions coming from members of the wires yer's party. calls for him to resign from his seat are increasing and growing louder. >> he could should consider resigning from the legislator and get the help that he needs to get back on track. >> democrats stop short of calling for him to step down. >> he needs to look within himself in terms of what is best for his constituents. him earlyarrested tuesday morning for dui. police charging documents say that an officer transporting a prisoner spotted a cadillac with delegates tags driving erratically. police say he performed poorly tests.e field sobriety he had a strong odor about call on his breath. he told officers he had a couple of beers at a tavern. he refused a breathalyzer test. he faces an uncertain future as a state revisited. many of his constituents wanted to resign. >> he should resign. how is our role model? >> no one answered the door at his home. he has not returned calls placed to a cell phone or office.
kids asking for money for various causes. >> we focused on two organizations using children as fundraisers. here because a little while ago, one group was at this location but they left once it started rating. the children use bucket similar to this and they walk up to cars and trucks and ask for any types of contributions they can get that there is a lot of concern about how safe this really is. a donation.sts she appears to drop a coin and retrieves it from under the rear tire of this car stopped at a light. seconds later, traffic begins moving. it is incidents like this that worry drivers. atched children walk up to cars and trucks at various intersections. the kids, part of a summer program, run by the african heritage walkathon incorporated. >> we raise funds to give back to the community. >> victory swift says it started in 2003 and has raised $22,000 further groups working with till june. it has a walkathon as a fundraiser each year. permissionrents give to participate in the kids are trained and supervised to maintain safety. >> they are aware of the running does not
is announcing plans to run against him. david collins joins us live from glen burnie with more. hour, lifelong has been a resident gus kurtz is announcing his plans to take dwyer's seat. gus kurtz is already a household name. the developer and committee act of his believes he is qualified to defeat delegate don dwyer and shake things up in annapolis. >> i would like to represent my district with honesty and integrity. >> delegate dwyer is facing a serious personal challenge for -- in the wake of being arrested a second time for dui. after observing him speeding and routeg erratically on 100. his car registration had also expired. police say dwyer had performed poorly on field to brady tests and refused a breathalyzer. the second arrest comes as wire the way to sentencing for driving a boat while intoxicated. his boat collided with another. several children and he himself were hurt. this is a personal matter and for that person and i hope he gets the help that he needs. >> kurtz says he has been considering running for office for many years but this period of this life feels like the time is li
kidnapping, next. plus, world leaders are reacting to serial's alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians. >> are those trees moving? keep watching. this is what happened when a sinkhole opened up in louisiana, swallowing a group of trees. the sinkhole originally appeared in the waterway last year, prompting an evacuation. state and federal agencies have been monitoring the situation. the 16-year-old who was kidnapped by a family friend is speaking out for the first time. hannah anderson said she wanted to clarify some things, like the text with her 40-year-old abductor the day she was taken. joe dimaggio killed hannah upon smother an eight-year-old brother in san diego before taking hannah -- hannah's mother and eight-year-old brother before taking hannah captive earlier this month. he was killed in a shootout with the fbi. wanted to thank the amber alert and the sheriffs and the , everyone that put in their time to find me. >> hannah's mother and brother will be buried this weekend. covering the world, leaders are now reacting to the allegations of chemical weapon use on civilians near
, there were 11 of us who got together on a cold november day with this abstract determination that we're not going anywhere. >> ifill: a veteran political reporter looks back at the transformative 2012 election and how it permanently changed politics. we talk to the washington post's dan balz about his book, "collision 2012." >> everything changes from one cycle to another. i don't think i've seen as many changes in one cycle as we saw between 2008 and 2012. >> brown: and can apps for babies be educational? or are they harmful entertainment? we look at one advocacy group's complaint to the federal trade commission. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for p
have really learned from the newtown tragedy. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from decatur now with details. gabe? >> reporter: lester, all 800-plus students have been accounted for tonight, and no injuries have been reported. visitors are supposed to be buzzed into the school, but somehow the suspect got through. a terrifying scene in suburban atlanta. a reported gunman and an elementary school, children being quickly herded to safety, and dozens of officers swarming. >> why would you run into an elementary school with innocent babies? >> reporter: around lunchtime, police say a 19-year-old man wearing dark clothes walked into the front office at ronald mcnair discovery learning academy with an ak-47 and told the clerk to call a local tv station. as officers approached, police say he stepped outside the school and fired at least six shots. when police fired back, he dropped to the ground and surrendered. no one was injured. >> i never thought something like this would happen in my neighborhood, period. >> reporter: for linda bell, it was three hours of agony. the wait for her
is in dekalb county, georgia weath georgia, with the latest for us. kate? >> reporter: good morning, lester. a lot of security here, a double front door, you have to be buzzed in, but the gunman was able to closely follow someone in the school. 800 children were inside the classrooms and yet not one was hurt. >> a shoot-out. >> reporter: a self-portrait of michael hill, who took an ak-47 assault rifle and close to 500 rounds of ammunition into an elementary school. >> do not let anybody in the building including no police. >> reporter: and today another portrait emerged of the fast-speaking school book keeper in the front office who dialed 911. he said he don't care, he have nothing to live for. >> reporter: shr relayed messages from the shooter to the operator. >> he went inside and started shooting. >> reporter: three sheriff's investigators who specialize in high-risk situations were just feet away from the front door. >> i can handle anything in my profession, but i can't handle something happening to an innocent child. just, you know, you dig deep. >> reporter: as teachers texted each
. >> the nfl do not mind rain, but they do not like lightning. >> right. [laughter] >> thank you for joining us. the tonight show with jay leno is next. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- kate hudson, bob costas, the music of the kopecky family band and "photo booth!" and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." very kind. thank you, thank you. hey. you might remember this. monday night, i mentioned that a man right here in the valley, about 30 miles from here, went bankrupt collecting beanie babies. [ light laughter ] this guy spent $100,000, his life savings, collecting beanie babies, because one day he thought his collection would become so valuable that it would pay for his children's college education. [ light laughter ] well, he was interviewed on the news the other night. now he says he realizes his mistake. he should have invested in cabbage patch kids. that's where -- [ laughter ] that's wre the mon
the fan." tell us why you say capitalism has hit the fan. >> well, the classic defense of capitalism as a system from much of its history has been, okay, it has this or that flaw. but it quote, unquote, "delivers the goods.'" >> yeah, for most everybody. >> right. >> that was the argument. >> and so, you may not get the most, but it'll trickle down to you, all the different ways. >> the yachts will rise. >> that's right. the ocean will lift all the boats. the reality is that for at least 30 years now, that isn't true. for the majority of people, capitalism is not delivering the goods. it is delivering, arguably, the bads. and so we have this disparity getting wider and wider between those for whom capitalism continues to deliver the goods by all means, but a growing majority in this society which isn't getting the benefit, is in fact facing harder and harder times. and that's what provokes some of us to begin to say, "it's a systemic problem." >> so, we put together some recent headlines. the merger of american and u.s. air, giving us only four major airlines and less competition. co
, sparking deadly new confrontations. plus, is the u.s. indirectly aiding the crackdown? >>> back to school. at the scene of a massivend destructive tornado that killed dozens, the memories still raw and tornado safety still a big issue. >>> desperate hours. we travel deep into the idaho wildernesses on horseback where the fbi tracked down that kidnapped teenager. tonight we speak with the horse back riders who spotted her and made the critical call. >>> and reversal of fortd tune. how a young man, once homeless, made enough money in a week to head off to college today. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams". >>> good evening. i'm lester holt sitting in for brian. the world can only stand by and watch in horror today as one of the most vital countries in the middle east spiralled deeper into chaos and maybe even civil war. in egypt, two days after hundreds of its supporters died in the face of a government crackdown, the muslim brotherhood made good on its promise to take to the streets again in w
on the front lines. they are telling us what he says is really going on. >>> state of emergency. in california, tonight an out-of-control wildfire the size of denver now raging insidef yosemite. a freak hailstorm and now the threat of flash floods. a wild weekend ahead for millions. >>> judgment day for the army major accused of a massacre at ft. hood. the deadliest massacre on a military base in u.s. history. >>> and what would you do if suddenly you had the time to do all of the things you really want? "nightly news" begins now. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening, brian is off tonight. i'm lester holt. >>> there's word tonight the pentagon is drawing up military options to respond to this week's atrocities in syria, as the white house is under increasing pressure to act. the horrible images of lifeless civilians as what the rebels say were killed by chemical weapons. as the u.s. officials are trying to confirm the nature of the attack nbc news has spoken to one of the doctors on the ground treating the victims. he
confirm they are investigating anthony hamilton's alleged use of someone else's academic record. identity fraud in maryland is illegal. hamilton was appointed to the city school board in june, he resigned two weeks ago. after our reporting punched holes in his claim that he had a master's degree from hopkins and was also a graduate of cop pen. a man who is a coppen grad told us he discovered what hamilton had done when he tried to get his transcript. >> they could not locate it by my name, but when i gave my social security number they were able to pull it up. but it was not my name on it, it was his name on it, under my social security number. >> anthony hamilton's name? >> yes, anthony hamilton's name was on my transcript. he used five years of my hard work at coppen, putting myself through school, and has made money. >> hamilton got a job with the city health department in 2008 that required a masters degree or a bachelors degree with certain experience, he was paid $52,000 per year. he resigned from the job last week. the state's attorneys office will not comment on its investigation.
and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who lived well into their 90's. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed, the official retirement age. the question is, how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years? >> additional funding for "washington week" is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. the president of these united states strolled into the white house east room today to unburden himself of a few things. before he follows congress' lead and escapes washington for a summer vacation. but the next 10 days will clearly not be a vacation from work. in his briefcase, how to soothe fears about domestic surveillance programs. how to paper over a cold war-like rift with vladimir putin and how to brace for republican pushback on various domestic issues like health care. >> my friends in the other part
on the "today" show. the revelation that the man who exposed u.s. military secrets now says he is a woman. should he get hormone treatment in prison? >>> out of control and running out of cash to fight the worst fire season in years, as the flames close in on yosemite. >>> and telling her story. an nbc news exclusive, kidnapping survivor hannah anderson sets the record straight for the first time since her harrowing ordeal. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams". >>> good evening, i'm lester holt in for brian. they are horrifying images that will instinctively make you want to look away, yet they can't be ignored. in a long war that's brought death and misery to both sides, the video evidence of what may have happened inside syria, a mass chemical will weapons attack, has shocked the world. hundreds, many children, are dead. tonight the claims of a chemical attack have still not been verified. from the syrian regimes, denials, which the obama white house which for a year has called the chemical
and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their --pertise in global finance to to understand the business you operate in and help provide capital for strategic decisions. expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. reporting live from washington. denies that the rebels hit his convoy today as enjoying ase, and newfound freedom in pakistan. a bbc story free to this young girl from forced labor and hopefully opened a world of opportunity. >> the biggest change is she can take her place in the classroom and have a chance to learn. this seemed impossible before. their photograph captured faces -- a look at the groundbreaking work of walter evans. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and across the globe. the syrian government is describing rebel claims that the motorcade was hit today. assassination the attempt happened as he was going to a mosque to celebrate the end of ramadan. video of him unharmed
were developing this for freaks like us-- and i doubt you are-- nobody wants wants toa computer, nobody. >> how does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it. >> rose: how are you going to handle in the film the last years of the life. >> so the film actually goes through the launch of the ipod. >> rose: right. >> and, you know, when you do a movie you have to decide what you put in and what you leave out. >> rose: exactly. >> most people-- once the ipod hit, there was a vertical integration of hardware and software that apple had that just started this whole new growth cycle for the company. and i think that that's the part that people-- it is pretty fresh in people's minds and people kind of remember it. but the story we thought was interesting was this tale of a guy who had a friend, an idea, and a garage. and took that and built what is-- what was the most profitable country in the history of mankind. and the struggle along the way in an effort to do that. >> rose: and for a while, the largest market cap of any company in the world. >> unbelievable. >> rose: $600 b
government continues to deny the use of chemical weapons. latest ongel has the the violence, and we want to warn you in the video i'd be disturbing. -- confirmed, it could be one of the worst atrocities in syria. a series of 10 villages were attacked, hit by what rebels say where surface-to-surface missiles fired by the regime and tipped with chemical weapons. the death toll, well over 1000. sentence before death or shortness of death, constricted pupils, foaming at the mouth. we have seen video posted online showing many women and children among the dead. this. government has denied categorically that -- the syrian government has denied categorically they were response before the attack and it comes at a time when u.s. weapons inspectors looking into this matter are actually in damascus, a few miles away from the alleged attacks. >> still to come, many of us are getting in that much-needed grilling and chilling over the summer, but experts say do not over do that -- too much processed meat could increase health problems. >> grilling and chilling. i like that. we have a change in the for
for shareholders. >>> bringing jobs home. more companies are moving overseas operations back to the u.s. but not just workers benefit. who else is reaping the rewards as we wrap up the series made in america. all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for friday, august 9th. >>> and good evening everyone and welcome. i'm tyler mathisen along with sue herrera. susie gharib has the night off. in a far-reaching press conference today, the first in three months, to took questions and gave answers on top picks critically important to american business. he tackled healthcare reform and the possibility of a government shut down to immigration, privacy and whom he might choose as the next chairman of the federal reserve. >> good evening, tyler, the president addressed a series of issues, as you say, in his press conference today and said he doesn't think the leaker from the nsa, edward snowden, is a patriot and released a series of reforms he would like to implement. here is how the president described what he would like to do. >> we can't and must be more transparent so i directed
to join us. miguel? >> reporter: lester, good evening. all the fires in the west are feeding on drought-like conditions and is the perfect fuel. fire loves the deep terrains, it explodes out of control when it hits a hill like this. so much of this hill was covered with waist-high debris and brush. when it hit this fire, it took off. tonight, idaho's beer creek fire is the most dangerous, most explosive blaze in the nation, with no sign of slowing down. it's moving in multiple directions, 160 square miles swallowed by flames so far. >> this fire has been very active and very aggressive. it's a perfect firestorm. >> reporter: the inferno, just a mile away from 5,000 homes. >> just an extended drought. it's been hot, it's been dry. >> reporter: firefighters call this an erratic and aggressive blaze, whipped by 30-mile-an-hour winds. 1200 firefighters are on the ground. more resources on the way. crews on the front lines have had little sleep. this back-breaking work is going around the clock. across the west, 41 uncontained wildfires are raging, 32 of them sparked by lightning, like this
times they slide back into cold war thinking. >> a terror threat closes u.s. embassies. >> this group is fairly ingenious, bold and eager to cause damage. >> the president targets fannie mae and freddie mac. also, hillary, the documentary, the miniseries, and reince priebus, the angry chairman. >> i will not expose our candidates to this kind of treatment. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the name of the program is "inside washington" and if there is a bigger story in washington than the sale of "the washington post," i cannot think of one. we have colby king, lois romano, a "the washington post" veteran. charles krauthammer.part of the "washington post" writers group. i came to washington to work for broadcast properties, which were owned by "the washington post." glenn, "the washington post." [laughter] the former executive editor len downie was in the newsroom as katharine graham's granddaughter announced jeff bezos, the founder of amazon, was buying the paper. >> she read a statement in which she made clear he strongly subscribes to the journali
costs, an investigation of jp morgan securities by the u.s. attorneys office in mile phil. jp morgan or prosecutors would comment. that would make four different u.s. attorneys offices investigating the banks business. in audition, new york's attorney general is suing the bank alleging investors lost $22 billion on jp morgan mortgage securities. they aren't the only bank on the federal hot seat. pennsylvania's pnc repormted investigations of it's pricing and foreclosure expenses. on tuesday bank of america reported a probe of $850 million in mortgage backed securities. rockdale securities analysts says it's unfair. >> when you're suing these banks, you're suing the individual americans who own their stocks and they don't deserve to be sued. >> reporter: it seems unlikely the department of justice is done. for "nightly business report" i'm jackie dean gles. >>> the dow and s&p 500 brushed off and snapped the three-day losing streaks. microsoft and caterpillar contributed up 2% making them the best performing stocks. optimism crept into the market tonight when china reported strong tra
between the u.s. and russia and another snack when president obama canceled a planned meeting with president putin in russia next month. this comes just days after russia decided to grant asylum to the former intelligence analyst, edwards noted. -- edward snowden. two towering figures on the world stage. relations between russia and washington have never been more, has hadpresident obama a major diplomatic snub aimed at president putin. edward snowden is at the center of the latest round. the former contractor fled america after leaking government secrets. the u.s. is unhappy after russia granted him asylum to stay there. president obama made his feelings clear. >> they have been times where they slip back into -- what i consistently say to them and president putin is, that is the past. we got to think about the future, and there is no reason why we should not be able to cooperate better than we do. the two men to work together when it comes to iran, north korea, and afghanistan. but relations between the two remain strained on a number of issues. over are tensions resolving t
of emptiness. >> the harford county state's attorney speaking on behalf of the man from ghana. he came to the u.s. to further his education, but was brutally murdered. the man who committed the crime, 22-year-old alexander is now the committed to psychiatric hospital. >> there is conceivably a time when he is found ok to be released back into society. i do not think that is any time soon. that is always a concern of a condition like this. >> he pled guilty to admitting to attacking the man while he slept. he dismembered his body and ate his heart. his head and hands were found inside the home. police located the remaining body parts inside a dumpster in a church parking lot. is not onlyion disturbed by the crime, but also what happened before and after the murder. >> the planning that went into the commission and planning that went into the disposal of the evidence and the cleaning up besides what you all heard about the disposal of the body, the room had been painted. >> a friend of the victim told the judge that he was a god the young man with a strong family background. she said he was slaught
joined a group recommending the united nations look into accusations that chemical weapons were used on syrian civilians. we have the latest from cairo, egypt. some of the video you are about to see may be considered disturbing. >> these images are still coming in showing horrors in syria and what a growing number of experts say indicate that chemical weapons were used. the administration seems to be weighing its options, trying to find out exactly what happened and who may have been responsible before taking action. >> get these reports are true, it would be an outrageous and flagrant escalation of use of chemical weapons by the regime. our focus is on nailing down the fax. >> the un secretary general said if it is proven that michael weapons or used, it would be a crime against humanity and should result in serious consequences. weapons,se of chemical anywhere, by anybody, under any circumstances, would violate international law. >> russia, which is an ally of the syrian regime, has joined calls for un inspectors to be allowed access to these sites of the alleged atrocities. curr
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is grieving. ,> clutching a broken car light near the place a woman's body was found. he told us he is related to the victim. the entire family is devastated. >> i could not imagine. i would never do some thing like this. i cannot tell you that. i cannot know. to leave somebody? >> the person walking across the street down the woman's body 5:00 tuesday. investors believe she was standing on the northbound side of bayside beach road when a car hit her and kept going. they are looking for an older model mercedes similar to the one in the picture. it may have visible damage on the hood and the right headlight area. >> you have to remain on the scene of an accident. you have to report to authorities. that is our focus right now. have this vehicle. >> police blew the woman was hit a short time before body was discovered. >> the parents are grieving incredibly. forward, if you're the one that hits this girl, come for. it could help our family. >> that was kai reed reporting. the car in the picture is dark blue. police are not sure what color the suspect's car is. if you miss the car, call them at th
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for joining us. it's a horrific crime that's actually generating calls to boycott america. a young man from australia was gunned down while jogging, allegedly by three american teenagers who were bored and did it for the fun of it. the senseless shooting is sparking both shock and outrage. >> reporter: a senseless murder causing an international uproar. >> a chilling story out of oklahoma. >> a shocking crime in oklahoma. the so-called thrill killing of a man from australia. >> reporter: police say these three teenagers gunned down a young man just for fun because they were bored. 22-year-old christopher lane played baseball in duncan, oklahoma. he was shot in the back from a car while he was out jogging. >> i am appalled. this is not supposed to happen in this community. >> reporter: prosecutor jason hicks said one of the accused, 15-year-old jason edwards actually danced as he was taken to jail. >> this whole thing was one great big joke. he thought it was funny. >> reporter: listen to the just released 911 call from a passerby. >> there's a young man, he's just in the ditch. and he's got
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. a reporter joins us from outside police headquarters with the latest on both investigations. >> one man was shot in east baltimore. 2 more were shot in central baltimore along guilford avenue. add that to 2 triple shootings over the weekend. three people shot in each of those incidents, including a young child. to st.ves were called charles avenue in west baltimore for a triple shooting. three men received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at an area hospital. less than 24 hours earlier, another triple shooting in the 1200 block of east eager street. police say a seven-year-old child was playing outside when he was hit the gunfire, along with 2 adult pick them's. >> complete disregard for the community, and an innocent child playing on his own street. fired several rounds. we have evidence to indicate it was multiple shots that were fired, nine to 10 shots at least. >> investigators say this was not a random shooting, but the child was not an intended target. they say the shooting was part of a neighborhood dispute, but so far, they have gotten no leads in the case, and they a
and thanks for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville. what would you think if money started raining down on you? we mean lots of money, thousands of dollars literally floating out of the sky. who was behind it? les trent has the exclusive story. >> talk about dollars from heaven, that's real money. thousands of bucks just raining down out of the sky. stunned residents, young and old alike, scrambled to grab the cash. $5, $10, $20, $50, all of it thrown out by a helicopter pilot. >> i would just take a handful of money and throw it out. >> just look at all that loot. $10,000 in total. so what on earth is going on? believe it or not the money is a bequest from a businessman who owned a bait shop at this marina in delaware. he had a reputation as a bit of a grouch, but he secretly had a heart of gold. he put a clause in his will. >> i'd like to have $10,000 cash thrown out of an airplane when i die, down at the marina where i grew up and had a lot of friends. it's a place that brought me a lot of joy. >> becky lived with leonard for 30 years. >> leonard was very emotional, very
erica has been an inspiration. >> she made us all realize there are tougher things in life. that we all go through challenges and she's been an inspiration to keep the momentum going and when the tragedy happened it brought the community back together again. >> as a teacher it's really hard being away from your students because they become your kids. so it's hard to be away from your kids because they have your heart. >> what is she to you? >> my teacher. > and what else? >> my best friend. >> he makes you cry and laugh at the same time he's so cute. >> erica has also become the key part of davenport's science curriculum through a new learning garden that was built and planted in her honor. >> we should be as honest as our hildren. two years ago today the biggest earthquake shook everybody. people here in baltimore felt it. there was a partial collapse of a historic home leaving bricks in the street. >> crews are still working to repair the washington monument as a result of that quake. cost estimates have reached $15 million. the monument is slated to reopen next spring but repairs at
-- this happened around 10 p.m. monday night. neighbors tell us they witnessed the victim run down the street as he tried to get to a house to get some help. startled, cynthia brown was not sure what was happening. >> we were sitting in the living room last night and we heard shots. was -- ran past year. rex the initial investigation hasn't dated the suspect and the victim were in some sort of altercation when they were in the 100 block of winters lane. weaponpect produced a and began firing at the him striking him at least once. he fled the scene. >> the victim was hit in the upper body. investigators say his injury is not considered i threatening. police are investigating the weekend shootings of two men in the 5300 block of edmonton avenue. both were standing in front of this gas station when another man opened fire and ran from the area. the injuries were not life- threatening and they have no indication the incidents are connected. >> i was shocked. >> there worried. they moved into the neighborhood to be closer to her son's school . >> i do not want him to see anything like that happen ever.
, there are growing calls mubarak to be released from prison. today his lawyer told us that he is 89% sure that his client will be released soon. mubarak was charged with a variety of crimes, from stealing state funds to killing protesters, but has been acquitted of almost all of them. he faces some charges, but his lawyer says there is no reason for him to stay behind bars while the legal process continues. no one in this country is seriously continuing -- seriously talking about restoring mubarak's power, but if you were led out, it would be assigned to many in this country that the military-backed government wants to bring back regime and look after its friends. >> still ahead, while the employment rate increases across the u.s., the numbers in maryland are not as positive. but first, a medical scare for a member of the vice president's family. >> vice president joe biden is in houston, where his son beau is hospitalized. the delaware attorney general became disoriented after a drive for a family vacation and was briefly admitted into a hospital in chicago and went to philadelphia the next day t
everything. you know, he's in with us at the start of the day and he usually leaves after we've all left. >> walk us through the day. behind the scenes of the daily show. you get there at whatever time and start the first meeting at whatever time. >> so like 9:00 in the morning we have a writer's meeting. so that will be discussing what we're going to do on the show that day. now hopefully we will have a basic sense of that, especially if it's a tuesday, wednesday or thursday from the previous afternoon, to try and get a little bit ahead. so studio production who have already been in before that writer's meeting will bring up clips that they think would be useful, funny, good to juxtapose. and so from that discussion which should take about 45 minutes,. if it takes much longer than that we're already sowing the seeds of trouble which will bloom into a disaster later. so people are sent away to do the single parts of the script or two people work on one thing. they need to come in, in about-- about an hour, hour and 15 minutes. that's the most frantic point of the day where you are lookin
a good use of police resources? >>> then, the doomsday castle. >> 8-inch block he that's filled with concrete and steel. >> the amazing house this family is building, to survive armageddon. >> protect yourself and provide. >>> plus, the secret life of convicted killer jodi arias. her obsession with men. she impersonated her boyfriend's ex-wife. >> she got breast implants to match the ex-wife's breast implants. that's creepy. >> now, "inside edition," in high definition, with deborah norville. >> thanks for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in today for deborah norville. >>> a terrifying scene on a busy city sidewalk, a cab hits a curb and you won't believe who comes running to the rescue, tv's dr. oz. >> i don't know how the cab lost control, but this woman was devastated. >> a breathless dr. oz speaks moments after responding to a real life emergency in new york city outside his tv studio. it was total mayhem as a runaway cab jumped a curb and plowed into a crowd of people near rockefeller center tuesday severing the foot of a young british tourist. here is les trent. >> within m
reagan. he saw some of the pivotal events in u.s. history. the cuban missle crisis, the freedom rides, the assassinations of j.f.k. and martin luther king, jr., the vietnam war and watergate. his life, wrote president obama after allen's death in 2010, represents an important part of the american story. a new movie has been made inspired by eugene allen's story. here's the trailer for lee daniels' "the butler." >> we have no tolerance for politics at the white house. >> i'm cecil gaines. i'm the new butler. >> you hear nothing, you see nothing. you only serve. >> you know he got that job, the white house called him, he didn't call the white house. >> i want to hear all the stories. >> i don't know how many stories you're going to hear because they done swore him to some kind of secret code. i'm so proud of you. >> did you go to an all-colored school, says still >> i didn't go to school, mr. president. i grew up on a cotton farm. >> get back to work! >> don't you lose your temp we are a that man. it's his world, you're just living in it. >> you looking for some help? >> he done stole o
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